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Hey everyone 🙂

I want to share how much I appreciate that since I posted articles on mastodon, and one of them was shared on HN, there are regular visitors who find the content interesting. <3

To be even more transparent about it, I will share some data on the site. Currently any cookie usage you see on the site is only to store either your preferences, or to tell you apart from bots and other anonymous visitors and prevent artificial user count growth. It does allow for some basic global overview, though, of who visited the site and how many people do.

Big questions

There are some bigger questions I want to ask while I still have your attention!

  • Do you still use RSS? Will it be useful to make the RSS link clearly visible on the site so anyone can follow?
  • Do you like carefully crafted e-mail newsletters and reminders? The trend back to email seems to be on the rise, and I can definitely share a summary of any new content, or news, once a week or so.
  • Are you more into news or computer history?

Site stats

The data flows from Google Analytics and partially from Cloudflare Web Analytics (though this site is not hosted with CloudFlare)

Let’s share some numbers from the stats. You clearly see when HackerNews links appeared:

And while monthly and weekly stats aren’t some impressive, they make me proud too:

A crushing majority of the visitors is from United States:

I admit these stats are partially why I fall behind on Polish version of the posts, even though I wanted to be true to my fellow local retro fans as well. I’ll work on it 🙂


The site non-profit (to put it lightly), the main purpose is knowledge and passion sharing. I want you to find valuable info and learn how things work. If it’s worth it, I can also share news about game and hardware developments that touch the subject.

As the author of this project, I, ikari, would love to build a small community. I can produce and sell items, like I did with the CP/M manual reprints (printed from PS files by an actual book printing shop). I can 3d-print your cases and accessories as well. This is nowhere close to supporting the site’s cost yet though 😀
Should I declutter and get back to making videos?

I wouldn’t mind if it becomes my main job one day 🙂 Would be happy to onboard more enthusiasts on the way.

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