PETSCII Side-Scrolling Platformer cover, including the header with name and a small game preview

CBM PET gets an Italian-plumber-lookalike game!

First a digression! While the Polish word “hydraulik” clearly derives from the Greek hydro- for things related to water, have you ever wondered why in English it’s “plumber”? It comes from the person working with lead, Lat. plumbum, because ancient Roman aqueducts were made from it.

A certain Italian plumber named Mario is already often a symbol of games, a legend, and the classic games with his participation have hundreds of clones, both “in the era” and modern (like eg Mari0, a crossover with Portal).
Now a game for the Commodore PET has been released, rendered using PETSCII!

You can download it from the website (and if you can’t, there’s a backup link below), it works on PET computers with min. 32KiB of RAM.

It is fantastically faithful to the original, the applied PETSCII characters brilliantly recreate obstacles and opponents, and the whole thing is smooth and exceptionally playable 🙂


copy of prg file:

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