Another Atari acquisition

Atari continues to aggressively acquire everything related to sustaining their legend. We recently wrote about the acquisition of AtariAge, and now resources have expanded with another company – the creators of remakes of classic Atari games, collections of remasters and the like – Digital Eclipse. This studio was behind the noteworthy 50th anniversary Atari collection (Steam). As with AtariAge, a statement from Digital Eclipse promises that everything will continue as before, “business as usual”.

Atari CEO Wade Rosen explains the rationale behind the acquisition: “Digital Eclipse, together with Nightdive, fits perfectly with Atari’s DNA and renewed purpose. I’m personally excited about how far we can push the boundaries of retro innovation together.”

The aforementioned Nightdive Studios is another recent acquisition made by Atari! This company has released quite decent re-editions of such PC classics as Quake (for example, Steam states that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive), Quake 2, System Shock, Turok, Blood!

The acquisitions of Digital Eclipse and Nightdive Studios show that Atari is consistently implementing a strategy of refreshing and resurrecting its cult brands. The company wants to secure access to talented developers who can ensure the quality of new versions of old hits.

However, it must be remembered that Atari is a brand with a rich but also tumultuous history. The company has repeatedly made misguided business and artistic decisions. Therefore, it is more prudent to approach the announced resurrection of old hits with cautious optimism. The quality of new versions of cult games always remains unknown. Success must be earned, not just invested in purchasing well-known brands. We will see if Atari is up to the challenge.


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